Commit 107c0977 authored by Patrik Dufresne's avatar Patrik Dufresne

hr_timesheet: Default value for employee should be None. TASK-941

parent 787efafe
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
<page string="Details" class="o_hr_timesheet_project_sheet_details">
<field context="{'default_project_id': project_id, 'default_name': '/', 'default_date': date_from}" name="timesheet_ids" nolabel="1">
<field context="{'default_project_id': project_id, 'default_name': '/', 'default_date': date_from, 'default_user_id': None}" name="timesheet_ids" nolabel="1">
<tree editable="bottom" string="Timesheet Activities">
<field name="date"/>
<field name="name" invisible="1"/>
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