Commit 708f0a24 authored by Patrik Dufresne's avatar Patrik Dufresne

hr_timesheet_x: Add Contact info to responsible. TASK-935

Add phone number to the responsible field so people can contact him
parent 6c26c107
......@@ -28,7 +28,15 @@
<div class="col-xs-2" t-if="project_sheet_id.user_id">
<p t-field="project_sheet_id.user_id"/>
<span t-field=""/>
<span t-if="">
<br/><i class="fa fa-phone" aria-hidden="true"/> <span t-field=""/>
<span t-if="">
<br/><i class="fa fa-mobile" aria-hidden="true"/> <span t-field=""/>
<div class="col-xs-4" t-if="project_sheet_id.contact_id">
<strong>Remote Contact</strong>
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