Commit 216d6687 authored by Patrik Dufresne's avatar Patrik Dufresne

Fix related to missing _read_gzip_header in python 3.5.

parent 1154321b
......@@ -461,16 +461,15 @@ class FileStatisticsEntry(IncrementEntry):
def _search(self, path):
This function search for a file entry in the file_statistics compress
file. Since python gzip seams to be 2 time slower, we directly use
zgrep to search the file. If zgrep is not available, fallback to
python implementation.
file. Since python seams to be 2 time slower, we directly use
zlib library on python2.
logger.debug("read file_statistics [%r]",
path += b' '
# Open file are compress.
if self._is_compressed:
if not PY3 and self._is_compressed:
line = None
fullfn = os.path.join(self.repo._data_path,
in_file =, 'r')
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